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The song 'Mensch' was produced in collaboration with Ralf Gremmer (vocals) and is based on the hit 'Mensch', which was written by Herbert Grönemeyer and Alex Silva. However, this coverversion is arranged in a more smooth ballad style with just drums, bass, piano and some synth sounds.


Release date:   Mar 4th, 2022


Coverfoto 'Sabroso'



The song 'Riding the Waves' was produced in collaboration with Heidi Marlen Grau and is based on the lyrics 'Die Wellenreiterin', which was written and narrated by her.


Release date:   Feb 18th, 2022


Coverfoto 'Sabroso'


 The song 'Into the Light' is an outtake of a song composed for the meditation "Holy Waterfall", released under Fantomac's 'Zen' section.

The harmonies are based on the Japanese Yo scale and the groove involves a cajon accompanied by a deep bass drum. At a later stage a grooving bass line is added as well as some solo instruments. The song can be used very well for deep relaxation of body and mind. 


Release date:   Jan 14th, 2022


Fade out Lines (2021 re-mastered)

This is the accouncement of the release of the re-mastered version of my debut album 'Fade Out Lines' (2019).


Use the Pre-save option on Apple/Spotify to ensure you don't miss this release!


Release Date: Dec 24th, 2021

Ataraxia Klaus Doldinger Passport


This year, Klaus Doldinger is celebrating his 50 year aniversary on stage. Klaus Doldinger is certainly the most recognized and influencial Jazz musician in Germany and many other countries. He and his phenomenal music and performance significantly impacted also my musical carrer and musical style. Hence, I'm deeply thankful to him and, as a special honor to his enormous career, I've covered one of my absolute favorite songs from him, Ataraxia.  Enjoy!


Release date: Nov 12th, 2021

Coverfoto 'Sabroso'

Virtual Scenery

This soothing new song is designed to relax you, taking you to wonderful dream worlds, giving you a soothing and sensational feeling, wrapping you into the music and healing your soul.


Release date:    Sep 10th, 2021


Coverfoto 'Sabroso'

Down to the bones

This new song comes with an extremely catchy hookline combined with a deep tech dance groove, pop vocals & synths, and a jazzy soprano sax improvisation along beautiful harmonies. The song is available in both, a radio edit and an extended version.


Release date:    Jul 23rd, 2021