Coverfoto 'Aus Silber wird Gold'

Aus silber wird gold


The song 'Aus Silber wird Gold' is dedicated to all couples that stayed together for 25 years and would like to celebrate their 25th jubilee of marriage.



The lyrics of this song were written by the lead vocalist (Ralf Gremmer) and the music was composed and arranged by Fantomacs.


Release date:    April 29th, 2022


Coverfoto 'Mensch'



The song 'Mensch' was produced in collaboration with Ralf Gremmer (vocals) and is based on the hit 'Mensch', which was written by Herbert Grönemeyer and Alex Silva. However, this coverversion is arranged in a more smooth ballad style with just drums, bass, piano and some synth sounds.


Release date:   Mar 4th, 2022


Coverfoto 'Sabroso'



The song 'Riding the Waves' was produced in collaboration with Heidi Marlen Grau and is based on the lyrics 'Die Wellenreiterin', which was written and narrated by her.


Release date:   Feb 18th, 2022