FFC for Roland Fantom workstations
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For all fans of the new Roland Fantom Workstation here are some great news:

Here is the first set in a series containing SCENES and professionally sounding BACKING TRACKS for performing Coversongs. A product for Musicians made by a Musician!


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Virtual Scenery

This soothing new song is designed to relax you, taking you to wonderful dream worlds, giving you a soothing and sensational feeling, wrapping you into the music and healing your soul.


This song has been exclusively pre-released on the AUDIUS platform and has now been released on all other streaming platforms as well.


Release date: Sep 10th, 2021



Here, new projects will be announced to keep YOU informed in advance. Moreover, sneak-previews, audio clips and promotion videos will be made available prior to the release. So come across from time to time and stay tuned.

This year, Klaus Doldinger is celebrating his 50 year aniversary on stage. Klaus Doldinger is certainly the most recognized and influencial Jazz musician in Germany and many other countries. He and his phenomenal music and performance significantly impacted also my musical carrer and musical style. Hence, I'm deeply thankful to him and, as a special honor to his enormous career, I've covered one of my absolute favorite songs from him, Ataraxia.  Enjoy!


*** Now already available exclusively on the AUDIUS platform ***



Illuminated Stage Photo


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