After an inspiring easter trip to Lisbon, definitely one of my preferred cities in Europe, I'm now "back to work" in my LAKEVIEW studio in Switzerland focusing on my next EP/LP called 'Miss You!' continuing some interesting new song projects as well as some fresh covers.



Release Date:  3rd June, 2023

Stayed tuned and have some Good Vibes for YOUR Day!



Here, new projects / events will be announced to keep YOU informed in advance. Moreover, sneak-previews, audio clips and promotion videos will be made available prior to the release. So come across from time to time and stay tuned.

In collaboration with my awesome bandmates from D!kS - the coverband with the exclamation mark! - I'm pleased to announce release as the next "summer hit". Please join-in on your favorite streaming platform and don't miss 'I really like it', an upbeat and fun reggae style song with german lyrics!



Release Date:   July, 2023

Stayed tuned and have some Good Vibes for YOUR Day!



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Fantomacs 'Zen'

For those of you who are inspired by my ambient & chillout music and would like to dive even deeper into the relaxation process, I recommend this new relaxing 'Zen' section.


Here you can find a collection of videos, meditations that have been produced in collaboration with Heidi Marlen Grau and music playlists collating ambient music.



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