My next single is focusing again on electronic / EDM music, which was recorded and produced together with a young singer from Hamburg (Sarah Peters), contributing the vocals. The song is called 'I'll find my way to you' and is a cover version of a 2021 published original from Elderbrook / Fenn from N.Y. / USA.

Please read a review of my single here.

Please find the IG-story here.

Listen to it, enjoy and dance!

Release date: 26 Nov 2022


Here, new projects / events will be announced to keep YOU informed in advance. Moreover, sneak-previews, audio clips and promotion videos will be made available prior to the release. So come across from time to time and stay tuned.

Next Gig together with my coverband D!kS - don't miss!



28 Jan, 2023 starting at 20:00 hours and no tickets needed!



Deutsche Strasse 2

D-41464 Neuss


So please, stay tuned and enjoy the good vibes in this really nice venue!


So, what comes next??

Good question, actually!


There is so much music and projects in my head which need to find their way to YOU!


And as Austin Sher (WeWriteAboutMusic) phrased it - "and (he is) always keeping us guessing as to what might come next."


So please, stay tuned and enjoy the good vibes for Your Day! 


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Fantomacs 'Zen'

For those of you who are inspired by my ambient & chillout music and would like to dive even deeper into the relaxation process, I recommend this new relaxing 'Zen' section.


Here you can find a collection of videos, meditations that have been produced in collaboration with Heidi Marlen Grau and music playlists collating ambient music.



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