This is a brand-new cover version of the beloved hit song "Times like these" originally performed by the Foo Fighters. A group of exceptionally talented singers hailing from various locations across Germany came together in this project with Fantomacs who is acting both, as a producer and musician in this production.


Release Date:  15th September, 2023

Stayed tuned and have some Good Vibes for YOUR Day!



Here, new projects / events will be announced to keep YOU informed in advance. Moreover, sneak-previews, audio clips and promotion videos will be made available prior to the release. So come across from time to time and stay tuned.

New Project "Harmonious Fusion"

Step into a captivating musical odyssey with "Harmonious Fusion", an LP that transcends conventional boundaries and explores a rich tapestry of genres. This collection of several new songs takes listeners on a spellbinding journey through the dynamic world of music, offering a seamless blend of Fusion Jazz, smooth Jamming, electronic music and an array of other styles.


Each track in this LP is a testament to the artist's versatility and innovative spirit. "Harmonious Fusion" ingeniously weaves together elements of Jazz, Funk, Rock, and even elements of World Music, forging a truly unique and genre-defying experience.


The LP opens with energetic Fusion Jazz compositions that boast intricate improvisations and rhythmic complexity. Frenetic melodies intertwine with masterful instrumental solos, creating a breathtaking soundscape that both aficionados and casual listeners will relish.


Transitioning into the smooth Jamming section, the LP offers a serene escape into melodic wonderlands fusing with electronic music. The soothing rhythms and soulful melodies invite introspection, encouraging listeners to sway along and lose themselves in the music's velvety embrace.


As the LP unfolds, surprises await around every corner. The artist fearlessly experiments with musical boundaries, infusing tracks with elements of Electronica and Classical, artfully redefining the limits of each genre.


With this groundbreaking LP, the artist invites audiences to embrace the exhilarating voyage of sound and discover the uncharted territories where genres intertwine, giving birth to something wholly unique. "Harmonious Fusion" beckons listeners to open their minds and hearts to a transcendent musical experience like no other, leaving them eagerly anticipating what's yet to come from this visionary artist.


Release Date:  November, 2023

Stayed tuned and have some Good Vibes for YOUR Day!



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Fantomacs 'Zen'

For those of you who are inspired by my ambient & chillout music and would like to dive even deeper into the relaxation process, I recommend this new relaxing 'Zen' section.


Here you can find a collection of videos, meditations that have been produced in collaboration with Heidi Marlen Grau and music playlists collating ambient music.



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