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Recent Review Articles (LEVELUP, VENTS, TUNEPICAL)
Press & Media · March 31, 2023
In March 2023, several reviews and articles of Los Angeles and New York based music magazines (TUNEPICAL, LEVELUP, VENTS) were published, focusing on my latest release 'Let's make some Fun(k)' as well as they also looked at the broader picture of my catalog and activities. Please feel invited to read what others are thinking and writing about my work.
Review Articles of "We Write About Music"
Press & Media · October 07, 2022
On Sep 23rd and Oct 7th, 2022 review article of the Los Angeles based music magazine "we write about music" were published, focusing on my third and fourth albums "So Pure" and 'De Novo'. Please read what others are thinking about these albums.
What Blogger 'Nupom' writes about Fantomacs' Music Releases
Press & Media · May 09, 2022
During the past weeks, a blogger called "Nupom" published on several songs released previously. Have a look what he said ...
Fantomacs "On Air" in Swiss Radio
Press & Media · May 06, 2021
Last Sunday (2 May 2021), DJ Leo from Swiss Radio on "Kanal K" presented new sounds from bands/musicians located in Switzerland. Among those, Fantomacs and his song 'Bottom Mercy' was introduced to the swiss radio audience.