Fantomacs, the innovative musical virtuosos renowned for his genre-defying compositions, are set to release his latest single, "Autumn", on May 17th, 2024. This mesmerizing cover rendition serves as a heartfelt tribute to the iconic electro-jazz band, Four80East, whose influence has resonated across decades. 

Fantomacs' rendition of "Autumn" is more than 'just a cover'; it's a celebration of the enduring influence of Four80East and a testament to their profound contribution to the world of music. With its release on May 17th, "Autumn" promises to captivate audiences and reignite the spirit of jazz-infused electronica.

Jörg Peters was exposed to the wonders of music at an early age growing up in the city of Berlin which is well known for its thriving music scene for decades. 


Immersed in a rich tapestry of diverse genres and styles, Jörg was drawn and influenced by the electronic music movement happening in the city and began to create his own music as a passion project. 


Since then, the artist, producer, and composer has released an incredible amount of original music in a vast and eclectic array of styles letting his love to experiment with sound take over. 


"When I started making my own music some time ago, I very much appreciated freedom to interpret music and combine different genres. Bands like Steely Dan, Mezzoforte, Fleetwood Mac, Joe Cocker, Al Jarreau, Level 42 - and many more to mention - they all influenced me. When analog synthesizers reached stage, I was immediately fan of their abilities to create new sounds. However, I didn’t like the idea of leaving behind all the well-developed acoustic instruments. Therefore, I love combining all kinds of sounds from different sources, be it traditional synth sounds, modern electronic patches, acoustic sounds or even noises or vocoded voices'" says the artist of his musical evolution and progression.


"Autumn" along with a flurry of other releases, is available for streaming and download on all major outlets and Jörg is constantly working on new material for upcoming releases.  


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