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Over the last eight years, Fantomacs, born in Berlin and currently working in Switzerland, released a number of singles/EPs/albums, cover songs and even poetry songs. In his songs the borders of the genres of electro, ambient & chillout, jazzy or funky to rock styles melt together, classical elements up to excerpts from political speeches are skillfully woven into the innovative grooves, whereby much surprising elements reach the ear. Other talented musicians and singers are added as "featured guests" and enrich the songs with their skills. 


Fantomacs began his musical education at the age of 8, first in the classical field, later on jazz, blues and other styles were added, which laid the musical foundation for his current forms of expression. The musical possibilities of expression grew continuously from the initial instrument piano, the jazz organ to keyboards, synths and work stations. His favorite instruments for many years is Roland`s flagship workstation - the Fantom-series. For music production he`s using the Apple Mac platform, together these two systems formed his stage name - Fantomacs


Fantomacs creates non-boring electro- /jazz, ambient & chillout music since more than 20 years, but more recently he brought his music projects to a broader audience on Bandcamp and many streaming platforms. To the quality of his musical work, Fantomacs  brings in a profound knowledge of midi & audio sequencing, mixing and mastering that has grown over the past decades. In context with his photo and cover art a complex whole is created that holistically reflects his personality.

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Total Listeners >278k
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Monthly Listeners (average over 36 month) >7.7k
Curated / Algorithmic Playlists >7
All Playlists >200
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Total Listeners >5.4k
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Current Album

This is my second album after the release of my debut album 'Fade out lines' in 2019 and several singles in 2020/2021. During the special Corona crisis, there was plenty of time to work on new songs and create the respective artwork and fotos. So this album is about these lonely times during the crisis, it's about hope and the desire to "fly away" to visit all the other beautiful locations of our world.


Released May 28, 2021

Newest releaseS

This soothing new song is designed to relax you, taking you to wonderful dream worlds, giving you a soothing and sensational feeling, wrapping you into the music and healing your soul.


The song has been exclusively pre-released on the AUDIUS plattform already and will be released on all other streaming platforms soon.



Release date: SEP 10th, 2021

This year, Klaus Doldinger is celebrating his 50 year aniversary on stage. Klaus Doldinger is certainly the most recognized and influencial Jazz musician in Germany and many other countries. He and his phenomenal music and performance significantly impacted also my musical carrer and musical style. Hence, I'm deeply thankful to him and, as a special honor to his enormous career, I've covered one of my absolute favorite songs from him, Ataraxia


Release date: Nov 12th, 2021

upcoming release/s

This is the accouncement of the release of the re-mastered version of my debut album 'Fade Out Lines' (2019).


Use the Pre-save option on Apple/Spotify to ensure you don't miss this release!


Scheduled Release Date: 24. Dec 2021




The sound of the songs created by Fantomacs are based upon rich and varied groovy beats, influenced by jazzy, funky and rock elements of melodic and catchy synth-waves, keyboards, guitars or sax sounds. Other influences from ambient, electro, trance and R&B are artefully woven into the songs. The variable "Fantomacs"-stylee has been compared to other artists like Jens Buchert, The Avener, Four80East and Hans Dulfer. 



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Press reviews

"... dies ist ein Musiker bei dem ich denke, dass er erheblich mehr Beachtung und Exposition verdient ..."

(sinngleich übersetzt aus dem Schweizerdeutsch) 

DJ Leo // Kanal K (Swiss Radio)


Newcomer Presentation on MusikBlog
MusikBlog.de, Newcomer Presentation (2020-08-23)

"... this is a musician who I think deserves considerably more attention and exposure ..."

(semantically translated from Swiss German) 

DJ Leo // Kanal K (Swiss Radio)


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Due to the COVID-19 restrictions there are currently no concerts planned.


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