A live musician, skilled keyboardist, producer and creative Fantomacs has a knack for soulful music that explores the sensitive and introspective themes of self-balance and mental stability. Already noticed by international music bloggers/journalists and radio DJs, concerts with his cover band D!kS and collaborations with HMG, Ralf Gremmer, Sarah P. and others have earned him a revered reputation as a multi-faceted, forward-thinking talent who is comfortable exploring a range of genres and combining different musical styles.

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Current AlbumS

My all new third album 'So Pure' is now available on all streaming platforms. It consists of nine tracks (5 originals, 4 cover songs). The album contains songs of different genre like dance, house, electro, disco/funk and even more.


Please read a review of the album here.


Released  July 1, 2022

This is my second album after the release of my debut album 'Fade out lines' in 2019 and several singles in 2020/2021. During the special Corona crisis, there was plenty of time to work on new songs and create the respective artwork and fotos. So this album is about these lonely times during the crisis, it's about hope and the desire to "fly away" to visit all the other beautiful locations of our world.


Released May 28, 2021

This is a re-mastered version of my debut album 'Fade out lines' initially released in 2019.


Released Dec 24, 2021

Latest releaseS

This is the accouncement of the release of my next song 'Into the Light' which is part of my meditative music genre Fantomacs 'Zen'.


Enjoy now on your preferred streaming platform (use links below for your convenience).


Release Date: 14. Jan 2022



My new single 'Riding the Waves’ is available on your favorite streaming platformm which has been produced in collaboration with Heidi Marlen Grau.


This song has been exclusively pre-released on the AUDIUS platform and has now been released on all other streaming platforms as well.


Don't miss and enjoy!



Release Date: 18. Feb 2022


With this accouncement I would like to introduce the next release of my new song 'Mensch' that has been produced in collaboration with Ralf Gremmer (vocals)


This song is a coverversion of the hit written by Herbert Grönemeyer and Alex Silva in a totally different arrangement and style.


Release Date:   4th March, 2022



My new single 'Aus Silber wird Gold’ written and produced in close collaboration with the lead vocalist Ralf Gremmer is now available as a release on all streaming plattforms.

The german lyrics of this Pop song were written by Ralf Gremmer and the music was composed and arranged by Fantomacs.

This song is dedicated to all couples that stayed together for 25 years and would like to celebrate their 25th jubilee of marriage.



Release date:   29th April 2022



upcoming release/s


Currently I'm working on my new album/LP 'De Novo' in collaboration with HMG containing new poetic ambient / chillout & chillhouse music with spoken lyrics written by HMG.


Look out for it!

Release scheduled for Oct 2022


The sound of the songs created by Fantomacs are based upon rich and varied groovy beats, influenced by jazzy, funky and rock elements of melodic and catchy synth-waves, keyboards, guitars or sax sounds. Other influences from ambient, electro, trance and R&B are artefully woven into the songs. The variable "Fantomacs"-stylee has been compared to other artists like Jens Buchert, The Avener, Four80East and Hans Dulfer. 



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Press reviews

"... dies ist ein Musiker bei dem ich denke, dass er erheblich mehr Beachtung und Exposition verdient ..."

(sinngleich übersetzt aus dem Schweizerdeutsch) 

DJ Leo // Kanal K (Swiss Radio)


Newcomer Presentation on MusikBlog, Newcomer Presentation (2020-08-23)

"... he very first song I wanna recommend is 'Aus Silber wird Gold'. This is an awesome song released by  Fantomacs and Ralf Gremmer. The music starts with a exclusive bass and beat. After that a soft drum plays comes which is really great to hear. The whole music consists of beautiful and soothing voice. Thus i recommend you to hear the song with Headphones on. "


Nupom, Blogger

Link to Blog

"... Fantomacs and Heidi Marlen Grau , this release ('Riding the Waves') is also a noteable one from "This is Fantomacs" playlist. This is a really unique release from them. A peaceful voice with peaceful instrumental sounds. It felt like the instruments wanted to express their feelings to the world.  "


Nupom, Blogger

Link to Blog

"... As we know Fantomacs is really hardworking and dedicated artist,that's why we all love him. We really need to boost his work for new album as a gesture of well wish. For that let's follow him on Spotify. "


Nupom, Blogger

Link to Blog

"... this is a musician who I think deserves considerably more attention and exposure ..."

(semantically translated from Swiss German) 

DJ Leo // Kanal K (Swiss Radio)


"... With more exciting new coming on the way, I hope to see his name floating around a lot more. For the time being, check out Fantomacs's track 'Ataraxia' which available to stream on Spotify."


Nupom, Blogger

Link to Blog

"... Let's move into Mensch now. This song is also released by Fantomacs and Ralf Gremmer. This song is also very soothing. Starting of the song feels like a buttery Piano. The movement of the piano was melting my heart. This is definetly a masterpiece ! "


Nupom, Blogger

Link to Blog

"... Next song gonna talk about is 'Into The Light'  (extended version) , released by Fantomacs.

It is a whole instrumental song. Trust me if you are having mood swings , this music is definitely gonna lift your mood up. I feel like am high on sky , riding the clouds , alone but enjoying the best company.  "


Nupom, Blogger

Link to Blog

"... Now for Ambient lovers, our very own upcoming one of the best artist Fantomacs brings up several releases from Ambient Genre. His releases feels like treatment of depression. It feels like am being ambient myself. Every bit of the musics are enjoyed to the full. Am sure these releases are gonna be your favourite."


Nupom, Blogger

Link to blog


On 23rd September 2022, a review of my third album 'So Pure' has been published on the platform "We write about Music".


Please read the full article on the album here or download as PDF below (for free).


Follow this LINK to the respective Instagram story on "We write about Music".

Review article 'So Pure'
This is a review of "We write about Music" on my new album 'So Pure' released in July 2022.
We write about Music - Fantomacs excels
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