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Area / Aspect Data
Chartmetric Artist Rank 364k
Engagement Rank 316k
Monthly Homepage Views


Monthly Unique Homepage Visitors


Monthly Returning Homepage Visitors

~ 30%

Artist's Popularity Score (highest value, Musicstax) 37%
Total Listeners >235k
Total Followers >45k
Total Streams >2.5M
Playlist Total Reach >1.67M
Monthly Listeners >16k
Fan Base Rank 393k

Songs on Curated Playlists (for the last 28 days)

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Top Algorithmic Playlists

- Radio (10 songs)

- Discover Weekly (10 songs)

- Release Radar (10 songs)

- Your Daily Mix (10 songs)

- On Repeat (10 songs)

- Repeat Rewind (9 songs)

- Your Top Songs 2020 (8 songs)

All Playlists >100
Apple Music  
Total Listens >13k
Monthly Listeners (average over 43 month) >150
Curated / Algorithmic Playlists >7
Followers 15k
Total Accounts Plays >82k
Monthly Listeners >280
Amazon Music  
Followers >200
Total Accounts Plays >6.7k
YouTube Music  
Total Accounts Plays >2.5k
Followers >3.3k
Total Accounts Play >4.5k

Recent milestones

radio plays

Country / Region Type Radio Station
 Switzerland Mainstream Energy Bern
  SRG SRF Virus
    Swiss Pop
  Mainstream 1
  Mainstream 24
  Mainstream 32
  Mainstream Argovia
  Mainstream Basilisk
  Mainstream BeO
  Mainstream Bern1
  Mainstream Central
  Mainstream Energy
  Mainstream Fribourg
  Mainstream FM1
  Mainstream Life Channel
  Mainstream Munot
  Mainstream Rottu
  Mainstream Neo
  Mainstream Pilatus
  Mainstream Südostschweiz
  Mainstream Sunshine
  Mainstream Top
  IndieRadio Toxic FM
  Mainstream Zürisee
  Mainstream Virgin Radio
  Mainstream Eviva
  Mainstream Melody
  Mainstream Inside
  Local Internet Radio SUNRADIO (Kanal 6A)
  Indie Radio Kanal K
Spain Indie Radio Loca FM Pride
  Indie Radio Aegan Lounge Radio
  Indie Radio Ibiza Live Radio
  Indie Radio Balearic FM
  Indie Radio Loca FM Sessions
United Kingdom Indie Radio House Radio Net (London)
  Indie Radio Dejavu (London)
India Indie Radio Radio AIR Kannur 101.5 FM
Denmark Indie Radio Starter GM: Bangaz Sydney
United States Indie Radio Old Deep House Music Radio NYC
  Indie Radio Dublab
Germany Indie Radio Raute Musik TechHouse (Berlin)
  Indie Radio Sound of Berlin
  Indie Radio Vibe FM 
France Indie Radio Maxximixx Underground
Greece Indie Radio Hit FM
Poland Mainstream Radio Gozdawa
Mexico Indie Radio Radio CUCBA
Turkey Indie Radio Dinamo FM


Map of Radio Stations

RadioStations playing Fantomacs songs
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Popularity Score of Releases

Spotify Popularity Score Map
Artist Popularity Score of Fantomacs: 37 (alltime high)