Voice of Curators & Labels

In the table below, responses of some playlist curators and labels around the world are listed to give an idea what others in the music business said about some of my recent releases.

I Really Like It

Curator / Label Response
PAN FM (label) Cool intro! Vocal performance sounds good and fits the vibe well. Vocal production could use some work. I recommend adding subtle tuning before autotune. I recommend adding some warmth as well. Instrumental sounds good and has enough variety to keep it interesting. Structure is good and easy to follow. Overall mix is good and sounds well balanced. All in all, great song! Just needs some work on the vocal production.  
Blackout Studio Cooler Song, vor allem das Intro sehr cool gestaltet, gefällt uns gut. Der Text ist auch sehr passend zum Instrumental! Der Chorus an sich bleibt im Ohr. Könnte ein Urlaubs-Song werden.
3AM (label) Fun song! The vocals are good and fit the song well. The mix does need some work. Try to ease up on on the compression and fix the slight phasing issue on the vocals. The instrumental would also need some orchestral elements or EDM elements to fit our playlists better. All in all, great song!
 Supreme Playlists I wanted to express my gratitude for sharing your tune with me. I had a fantastic time listening to the melody, and I must say that the flow is crazy good! I just wasn’t sure if the vocals would be appreciated by my other listeners, since it is a slightly different vibe. Please don't let my feedback discourage you. You are undoubtedly talented, and this is solely my personal opinion, which is subjective. Thank you for submitting your work, and I am excited to hear more of your music in the future. Best of luck with promoting your music!
Warm Hub Your record has a really happy feel to it that I absolutely loved. The instruments all work together so well, and the melody is really catchy. The singing has a lot of passion and energy behind it. While the melody of the vocal doesn't quite convince me, I still think it's a great record overall. The production quality is also top-notch, so you should be really proud of what you've created. Thanks for sharing your music with me, and I can't wait to hear more from you in the future! 

Air Stream (Harmonious Fusion)

Curator / Label Response
Showland Productions

The melodic motifs are like whispers, subtle yet commanding attention with their understated elegance. The arrangement showcases a commendable understanding of dynamics, allowing each instrument its moment in the spotlight without overshadowing the collective synergy.

The smooth cadence of the piece is akin to a serene river, meandering through a landscape of sonic beauty. What's particularly impressive is the restraint exhibited, demonstrating a keen awareness of when to hold back and when to unleash the full sonic spectrum. It's not just a piece; it's an auditory experience, a journey through the nuanced landscape of your musical imagination. This is not merely background music; it's a soundtrack waiting for the perfect visual companion in a film or TV show. 

Kola Mix The song has an engaging style, and the mood you've created is striking, varied, and powerful, something that always stands out in the listening person, an excellent resource. Let's continue going down this path as it is very promising and shows the type of high-quality artist making this music. I hope to keep on listening to this stuff from you.  I will add this song to my new playlist featuring new-generation artists with excellent potential like you. Congrats! I hope to listen to more tracks from you in the future.
Brunch Collect  "Air Stream" is a jazzy piece that truly shines with its awesome and funky guitar riffs. The drums add a groovy element, making the track a vibe that's both relaxing and uplifting. It's the kind of composition that can set the tone for a positive morning. The mix and master contribute to the overall excellence of the track.
Craft Beer Playlist by Brother Oliver  I enjoyed the vibe of the song. The rhythm and pace of the song is great. The instrumentation and production sounds great. 
Natiii This song offers a memorable listening experience. I admire your work with the instrumentals - they are truly masterful! The lack of vocals allows the sound to take the center stage. I find your work high quality.
 Sad, rainy day Thanks for sharing this lovely funky tune with me. I like the high quality production and instrumentation here. 
Chill Melodic House (Robby East) Nice work on this! love the groove and the way the instruments are interplaying. i can hear a lot of musicality in this. 
Ibiza Spirit Music  Thanks for the submission of this awesome piece of craftmanship. Is all of this made by you solo as multi-instrumentalist?

I like "real music", say Brass work. violin, guitar. Nowadays I get a lot of heavy synth sounds as submission so It's nice to hear someone creating music instead of a new combination of saw-waves.

 New Sound Fan A very groovy and stylish song with some really great transitions and beats. I would like to share this to the All new list, it would fit the feel the best. Thanks for sharing, hope you're happy!
 Talkish Rock-ish  Your music is a mix of my favorite styles, your music has great rhythm and qualities, I would love to have your music on my playlist, your music would be in my top ten playlist!

Unmet Needs

Curator / Label Response
 ICY Music (records)

I felt some welcome into your space of creativity.

I think that the beat is so beautiful and I liked how you just built and kept giving us more and introducing unpredictable sounds.

I will be sharing and adding your track to my playlist in a couple of weeks.

Groove It

What a magnificent marvel, a surprising surprise.  An extraordinary and unique musical feat.  Played with a splendid exceptional melody, also balanced and organized, especially lush.  From a talented artist with inestimable potential.  Really melancholic.  Congratulations

Showland Productions

The intricate layering of instruments creates a lush sonic landscape, each element adding depth and dimension to the overall arrangement. The melodic motifs are both captivating and comforting, guiding the listener on a journey of serene introspection. Your keen sense of pacing and dynamics allows the piece to ebb and flow with a natural grace, never feeling rushed or forced. The interplay between different sections is seamless, with transitions that are both seamless and organic. It's clear that every note has been carefully considered, resulting in a work of art that feels both spontaneous and meticulously crafted. The richness of the harmonies adds a sense of warmth and intimacy to the music, enveloping the listener in a cocoon of sound.

HMP Records

Thanks for sending this one our way. We're enjoying the blend of styles, this would work well in our instrumental House playlist!

Radio 3S

We would be happy to add your track to our https://Radio3S.org shuffle playlist 'Solarium' playing from Monday to Sunday at 14h00-18h00 (CEST).




Curator / Label Response
 RAGMAG (Las Vegas) Emphasis was rad! This had such a lush and vast tonality to it and kept to this deep groove as well that was totally colorful and addictive! Great track!
 Buzzslayers If you aren't too familiar with the musical stylings and approaches of Fantomacs, then let us be amongst the first to bring this to you because the whole project encompasses an amazing range of digital and electronic music that sways and bends like an electric current and it's all put together by one man who decided to release music in a more freeing manner with no walls built around them and with messages in his approach.
 The Sounds Won't Stop

Fantomacs has a new release that recently hit called Emphasis and the song has a very stimulating, even fascinating auditory environment that lets the sonic sounds of electronic music feel refreshed.

The project is a one-man enterprise that certainly focuses on any eclectic set of sounds and release approaches that have gone in all kinds of different directions over the years but still have their roots embedded in classic electronic music and composition.


Curator / Label Response
Rádio Armazém (Brazil)  In our opinion, "Autumn" is a singular work of musical authenticity. The track seems to explore without reservation, flowing through the ears with an enveloping elegance. Listening to it is a relaxing experience filled with rich arrangements and instrumentation. The music transcends the physical, delving into depth and temperament, whilst creating an immersive soundscape with its fusion of soft electro-jazz. A piece that captivates the senses and invites the listener to get lost in its unique and captivating atmosphere.
Koala Mix Whoa! Your track is a total vibe. The mood and rhythm you've crafted are fantastic-so atmospheric yet energetic. Your unique style shines through, and I can sense the dedication poured into this ... your promising style guarantees l'll be keeping an ear out for your future releases. Keep the magic flowing! * Koala Mix
Groove It What a great achievement, a surprise song.  What a beautiful, disproportionate musical feat.  Played with extreme musical beauty, as well balanced and enjoyable.  What a magnificent marvel.  Very nice success.  Really melancholy.  Congratulations

Very relaxing, smooth and such in intimate vibe - which makes it perfect to be featured on the top of some of our playlist with the same mood.

Beautiful music, congrats and keep up the good work!

Prog Rock Scenes

"Autumn" is a captivating track within the Rock Electronic Pop genre, immediately engaging listeners with its pleasant and well-constructed introduction. The soundscape is thoughtfully crafted, providing a serene and inviting atmosphere that aligns perfectly with the genre's characteristics. This engaging opening sets a soothing tone, drawing the listener into a well-orchestrated sonic journey.


Technically, "Autumn" showcases impressive musicianship and production quality. The melody is intricately woven, guiding the listener through an ambient and harmonically rich experience. Each element is precisely placed, contributing to a cohesive sound that captures the essence of Rock Electronic Pop. The track seamlessly blends electronic elements with rock influences, creating a sound that is both fresh and familiar.