Over the last eight years, Fantomacs, who was born in Berlin and works in Switzerland, has had a number of releases, cover songs and even a poetry setting. In his songs the borders of the genres of electro, ambient & chillout, jazzy or funky to rock styles melt together, classical elements up to excerpts from political speeches are skillfully woven into the innovative grooves, whereby much surprising things reach the ear. Other talented musicians and singers are added as "featured guests" and enrich the songs with their skills. 

Fantomacs began his musical education at the age of 8, first in the classical field, later on jazz, blues and other styles were added, which laid the musical foundation for his current forms of expression. The musical possibilities of expression grew continuously from the initial instrument piano, the jazz organ to keyboards, synths and work stations. His favorite instrument for many years is Roland`s Fantom, for music production he`s using the Apple Mac platform, together these two systems formed his stage name - Fantomacs

Fantomacs creates non-boring electro- /jazz, ambient & chillout music since more than 20 years, but more recently he brought his music projects to a broader audience. To the quality of his musical work, Fantomacs  brings in a profound knowledge of midi & audio sequencing, mixing and mastering that has grown over decades. In context with his photo and cover art a complex whole is created that holistically reflects his personality.