Fantomacs "On Air" in Swiss Radio


DJ Leo from Swiss Radio "Kanal K" recently presented new sounds from bands/musicians located in Switzerland in his broadcasting show 'CH-Block'.


DJ Leo,  who is also running a music agency called Mojo, introduced music produced by Fantomacs in his show and played 'Bottom Mercy' in full length. Please find below the audio stream clip of the Fantomacs session.


Please find a link to the EPK (electronic press kit) here. The EPK is still in progress.

Audio Stream Clip 'Bottom Mercy' from Fantomacs
This is the audio stream of the broadcasting show on Sunday 2May 2021, where Fantomacs and his song 'Bottom Mercy' was presented in Swiss Radio "Kanal K".
Swiss Radio Kanal K Mitschnitt 2021-05-0
MP3 Audio File 12.4 MB

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