Around the Corner

For more than a decade now, I still enjoy - yeah, even adore - the style of making music of the canadian electro-jazz band "Four80East".


Once I moved to Switzerland last year for professional reasons, I discovered that different live styles (german, italian, french) are located here right around the corner only a few miles to go by train or car - what a perfect fit to their new album 'Straight Round' and the corresponding first track 'Around the Corner'!


Here are some impressions of the diversity of swiss regions just 'around the corner'!

This song immediately raised my attention from the very first time I heard it and, therefore, I decided to try a cover version of it, thereby honoring this great composition and giving tribute to it.


A catchy groove was paired with fresh sound of my new Fantom-6 and the legendary Juno-106 and enriched with rap lyrics and a tenor sax improvisation. Let yourself be carried away by the catchy synthie hookline!


The cover version of 'Around the Corner' has been released on Saturday, August 29th on your favorite music platform - Look-out, keep listening and stay tuned!

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