On Oct 16th, 2020 the new single 'Leave-It!' has been released in the Online Music Stores.


Synthwaves and retro E-Guitar riffs marries light, upbeat house beats in German musician Fantomacs' new single 'Leave-It!'. It's light, upbeat and smooth in its subdued house beats and soft melodies widening outward and upward into gently gorgeous harmonies at all the right times. Let yourself be carried away by the catchy guitar hookline!


The positive, clear and sweet sound of the song describes the pleasant feeling when you leave things behind ("Leave-It!") and get rid of burdensome things. What strikes most after the smooth E-Piano intro is the crying retro E-Guitar hook line followed by warm and nostalgic, full-blown synth soli in the centre and varied harmonic chord changes in the further course of the song. Between the compelling synth and guitar sounds, the electronic house beat, and the simple and consoling lines of the synthesizers, "Leave-It!" is a simple but beautful piece of listening.


So, give it a try and listen on your preferred streaming platform! Use the link below for your convenient access.

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