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Elevating my music domain, I've crafted a seamless ecosystem. MacBook Pro hosts Stage Traxx3 for efficient setlist and backing track management. On iPad Pro, X Air delivers precise audio control, of the digital mixer X Air XR 18, while iClip displays lyrics & chord sheets. This integrated setup refines my studio, rehearsal room, and stage configurations, offering streamlined efficiency and creative precision. It's a harmonious blend of technology, enhancing every aspect of my musical journey.

Stage Setup

Together with my bandmates from D!kS - the coverband with the exclamation mark - I developed a stage setup enabling seamless integration and control of audio signals and mixes, backing tracks, scenes of the main Fantom workstation and, last not least - the lyrics & chords and setlists.


On iPad Pro (11", 2023), the X Air software (Behringer) controls via WiFi connection the digital mixer console X Air XR18 giving full audio control while performing on stage.

On Mac Book Pro (14", 2021), Stage Traxx3 contains all backing tracks as well as lyrics & chords organized in setlists tailored to the respective gig. The Mac Book Pro is connected via USB to the Fantom workstation USB input allowing the backing tracks to be mixed inside the Fantom with the audio signals played live. The audio outs (main and subs 1 & 2) are connected via audio cables to the respective inputs of the digital mixer and to the floor monitor Bose S1 Pro. The main audio out of the digital mixer XR18 is connected to the inputs of the Bose PA.

The components and software tools are additionally illustrated in the schematic.

Rehearsal Setup

In the rehearsal room the setup is slightly different to the stage configuration. However, the main components are identical.

Since we often do online rehearsals, there is a need to connect to the internet effectively using a high-speed connection to a special server. We are using the worldwide distributed servers provided by KOORD live.

It's is, however, equally important to connect the audio equipment using low-latency interfaces (here: X Air XR18 digital mixer) to the Mac/PC, which in turn should offer as well high-speed I/O-interface to the Internet.

Studio Setup

The configuration of my home studio called "LakeView Studio" in Switzerland has been described in details in a previous blog article (see reference section). In the schematic, the different components, electronical devices and keyboards as well as their connections are depicted.


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