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Mixing and Mastering Tools
Behind the Scenes · July 10, 2022
Recently, a couple of new mastering tools arrived in my studio and this article is about how they work and perform when used in my current projects.
Fantomacs now on AUDIUS
Music Platforms · January 07, 2022
Welcome to my new brandnew AUDIUS homepage - a new cryptocurrency-based music platform of the future. All past and new releases can be found here. Moreover, new music will be published ahead of time on this platform first. So, give it a try and enjoy my music on your AUDIUS account!
New Music Releases · December 30, 2021
Since November 2021, my newest single 'ATARAXIA' has been released - here are some background info for you about this single.
Virtual Scenery
New Music Releases · September 13, 2021
In the meantime, my newest single 'Virtual Scenery' has been released in September 2021 - here are some background info for you about this single.
Fly with me
New Music Releases · March 25, 2021
The pre-release of my new album 'Fly with me' had started first on my Bandcamp platform. Later in May 28th, the other online music platforms followed. Look-out on your favorite music platform, listen and enjoy the new album!