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The Story

Dive into the transformative beats of Fantomacs' new single, 'Emphasis'. This dynamic Electro House track weaves a musical tapestry of self-discovery and renewal, capturing the essence of individuals reshaping their lives with newfound purpose. Fantomacs' signature blend of emotive melodies and infectious rhythms creates an immersive experience, echoing the universal journey of giving life a fresh emphasis. With its pulsating energy and soulful undertones, 'Emphasis' is not just a song; it's an anthem for those seeking to redefine their narrative and embrace a vibrant, purpose-driven existence.

Scheduled Release Date:  19th April 2024

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Date Type Title Platform Visits Views Link
2024-04-18 S Emphasis WeWriteAboutMusic (Los Angeles, USA) n/a n/a

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 2024-04-27 S Emphasis RagMag (Las Vegas, USA) n/a n/a

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 2024-05-06 S Emphasis Buzzslayers  n/a n/a Link to article
2024-05-17 S Emphasis The Sounds Won't Stop n/a n/a Link to article

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Curator / Label Response
 RAGMAG (Las Vegas) Emphasis was rad! This had such a lush and vast tonality to it and kept to this deep groove as well that was totally colorful and addictive! Great track!
 Buzzslayers If you aren't too familiar with the musical stylings and approaches of Fantomacs, then let us be amongst the first to bring this to you because the whole project encompasses an amazing range of digital and electronic music that sways and bends like an electric current and it's all put together by one man who decided to release music in a more freeing manner with no walls built around them and with messages in his approach.
 The Sounds Won't Stop

Fantomacs has a new release that recently hit called Emphasis and the song has a very stimulating, even fascinating auditory environment that lets the sonic sounds of electronic music feel refreshed.

The project is a one-man enterprise that certainly focuses on any eclectic set of sounds and release approaches that have gone in all kinds of different directions over the years but still have their roots embedded in classic electronic music and composition.

Press release

Title: Dynamic Electro House Single "Emphasis" Set to Release on April 19, 2024


Renowned electronic music artist Fantomacs is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of their latest single, "Emphasis", scheduled to debut on April 19, 2024.


"Emphasis" is more than just a track; it's a musical journey that intricately weaves themes of self-discovery and renewal. With pulsating energy and soulful undertones, the song captures the essence of individuals reshaping their lives with newfound purpose.


In an era where many are seeking to redefine their narratives and embrace vibrant, purpose-driven existences, "Emphasis" emerges as an anthem, inspiring listeners to embark on their journeys of transformation.


Fantomacs invites fans and music enthusiasts alike to experience the electrifying energy and emotive depth of "Emphasis" as it becomes available on all major streaming platforms on April 19, 2024.


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Release Date:  

April 12th, 2024 Pre-selling start date on download stores

April 19th, 2024 (all other streaming stores)

Stayed tuned and have some Good Vibes for YOUR Day!



Mark your calendars for April 2024, as "Emphasis" takes center stage in the world of music. This single is set to be a defining moment for Fantomacs, showcasing a blend of talent, creativity, and artistry that is bound to make waves in the music industry.


For press inquiries, review copies, or to schedule an interview with Fantomacs, please contact fantomacs@googlemail.com.


"Emphasis" will be available on all major streaming platforms and can be pre-ordered here (press button below). Stay tuned for exclusive previews, behind-the-scenes content, and updates on Instagram & Facebook.


Join Fantomacs on this extraordinary journey of sound, as "Emphasis" promises to be the soundtrack of the season, captivating music lovers worldwide.


About Fantomacs:

A live musician, skilled keyboardist, producer and creative Fantomacs has a knack for soulful music that explores the sensitive and introspective themes of self-balance and mental stability. Already noticed by international music bloggers/journalists and radio DJs, concerts with his cover band D!kS and collaborations with numerous musicians and artists have earned him a revered reputation as a multi-faceted, forward-thinking talent who is comfortable exploring a range of genres and combining different musical styles.


Fantomacs is available for interviews and other press opportunities, please email fantomacs@googlemailcom.


Visit www.fantomacs.de for more details and updates. Follow Fantomacs on Facebook or Instagram for the latest news and exclusives.