Fly with me

by Fantomacs


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The Story


Dies ist mein zweites Album nach der Veröffentlichung meines Debütalbums 'Fade out lines' in 2019 und mehreren Singles in 2020/2021. Während der speziellen Corona-Krise gab es viel Zeit, um an neuen Songs zu arbeiten und das entsprechende Artwork und die Fotos zu erstellen. Das Album handelt also von diesen einsamen Zeiten während der Krise, es geht um Hoffnung und den Wunsch, "wegzufliegen", um all die anderen schönen Orte auf unserer Welt zu besuchen.


Dieses Album ist meiner Partnerin Heidi gewidmet, die mich in diesen Tagen (und davor!) stark unterstützt und mir Hoffnung und Sinn gegeben hat. 





This is my second album after the release of my debut album 'Fade out lines' in 2019 and several singles in 2020/2021. During the special Corona crisis, there was plenty of time to work on new songs and create the respective artwork and fotos. So this album is about these lonely times during the crisis, it's about hope and the desire to "fly away" to visit all the other beautiful locations of our world.


This album is dedicated to my partner Heidi who was strongly supporting me these days (and before!) and giving me hope and sense. 


Fly with me (title song)

This song is based on cool, jazzy harmony changes and a laid-back groove from a TR-909 rhythm machine (Roland) and various percussions. Energizing synthesizer hooklines, dreamy vocals (thanks to Heidi Marlen Grau, voc) as well as soprano sax soli in the style of Klaus Doldinger and flugelhorn improvisations in the style of "Herb" Alpert give the song a distinctive flair and you immediately want to order a cocktail.


I'm still hoping

'I'm still hoping' consists of 70's style vocals (Steely Dan) in a kind of rap style combined with rhythmic funk and soul elements paired with the sound of the legendary Roland TR-909 drum machine and percussions. A massive finger bass forms the foundation for this song.


Lonely Time

After a short intro with a phaser electric piano, the song begins with an energizing, rocking electric guitar lick, which is followed by a vocal part and transformed into the flugelhorn solo. The rock drums and the synth bass as well as the synth pad sounds complete the song together with the rough rock vocals. As a highlight you can expect a rocking e-guitar improvisation after a break in the middle part, which leads into the chorus.


Touch my Soul

'Touch my Soul' is an R&B song with a laid-back groove that invites you to dream and relax with its beautiful flugelhorn theme and soft synth pad vibes.  Lay back, put your feet up and just enjoy! 


Strange Phantasm (remastered)

Due to its groovy rhythm, the title immediately invites you to dance and has some "funky elements" as a surprise. A laid-back groove was combined with a funky clavinet, improvisations with soprano sax, electric guitar, electric piano and synth are also included. The song has originally been recorded in 2019 and was now re-mixed and re-mastered in 2021.