I'll find my way to you

by Fantomacs


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The Story

My next single is focusing again on electronic / EDM music, which was recorded and produced together with a young singer from Hamburg (Sarah Peters), contributing the vocals. The song is called 'I'll find my way to you' and is a cover version of a 2021 published original from Elderbrook / Fenn from N.Y. / USA.

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Listen to it, enjoy and dance!

Release date: 26 Nov 2022

Hamburg, Hafencity

The recording of the voice tracks and backing tracks took place in Hamburg / Germany.


The instrumental tracks were recorded in the LakeView Studio in Switzerland.


The final mixing and mastering was also performed in the LakeView Studio in Switzerland.


The picture used for the art works was photographed by Heidi Marlen Grau (HMG) and modified for the coverart of the new single (thanks so much for this generous gift!). The picture was taken in the "Hafencity" in Hamburg in autumn 2022.

Roof-top picture of Hafencity in Hamburg

Roof-top picture of the "Hafencity" in Hamburg, where we discussed most of the details to this new single.


Awesome, how this part of Hamburg grew and expanded - and it's still under construction after all these years, amazing!