Miss YOU!

by Fantomacs


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The Story

My fifth album "Miss You!" contains songs of different genres like Fusion-Jazz, Electronic (dance) music, Funk and House music. Some of the tracks have been recorded in collaboration with Heidi Marlen Grau (HMG) and Sarah Peters. Some pieces are cover songs, while the majority of the album consists of original new stuff.

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Release date: 3rd June 2023

What Bloggers are writing about this new album ...

"Fantomacs is the master of varieties. Blend of every genre is found on his music. An artist with such a talent is really astonishing but its not only talent, it's his hard work, patience and dedication to the industry. To you guys there is nothing new to tell about him. As very usual we are back with Fantomacs new album "Miss YOU!" campaign. 


Every music on the album is a masterpiece. The main attraction of the album is "Miss You!" . The tangy melody over the whole music is something you really want to hear. Something happened to me while hearing this song was , I was singing one of my favourite song listening to the beats together and it felt really amazing."


Nupom (Toronto, Canada)

Electronic Dance Music, Jazzrock and Funk Music are three genres that have each made an incredible impact on the music world. They each encompass a unique style and vibe, and are loved by music lovers worldwide. One musician who has masterfully blended these styles together is Fantomacs.


Fantomacs is a talented musician who has brought electronic dance beats, jazzrock instrumentation, and funky grooves together in his music to create a sound that is uniquely his own. His music is catchy, danceable, and always leaves you wanting more.


In his electronic dance tracks, Fantomacs uses driving beats and pulsating synths to create a high-energy sound that is perfect for the club scene. In his jazzrock tunes, he incorporates complex guitar riffs, intricate rhythms, and jazz-influenced harmonies that showcase his technical abilities as a musician. Finally, in his funk music, he uses infectious basslines, funked-up rhythms, and soulful vocals to capture the essence of the genre.


If you're a fan of electronic dance music, jazzrock, or funk music, Fantomacs is a musician you need to check out. His blending of these three styles creates a unique musical experience that will leave you dancing and grooving all night long.