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Some Curators Reviews

From Luk - SubmitHub Curator


Love the overal vibe and mix nice vocals, all felt a bit to flat it misses a bit a stronger low end, otherwise great track, thanks for sharing it though and best success with it.


From Felix - SubmitHub Curator


I like the very unique style and sound of it. It's indeed very dancable and catchy. The chorus sounds really well made and the vocals sound really great too. I also like the piano solos in the instrumental.


From Anna - SubmitHub Curator


I like the sound, interesting baseline.

The Story


Am 29. Januar 2021 ist die neue Single 'Sabroso' in den Online Music Stores erschienen.


Die neue Single 'Sabroso' des Berliner Musikers Fantomacs lädt  zum Abtanzen geradezu ein. Wer da sein Füsse still halten kann, dem ist nicht zu helfen! Eine abwechslungsreiche Deep Tech Rhythmik, ein wuchtiger progressive House Analog-Bass, latein-amerikanische Gesangspassagen und 'funky' E-Gitarrenriffs, Synth- / Piano-Improvisationen wechseln einander ab und kumulieren in einem mitreissenden Break im Dancehall Stil.




On 29th January 2021 the new single 'Sabroso' has been released in the Online Music Stores.


The new single 'Sabroso' by the Berlin musician Fantomacs invites you to dance. If you can keep your feet still, there's no helping it! A varied deep tech rhythm, a massive progressive house analog bass, Latin-American vocal passages and funky electric guitar riffs, synth / piano improvisations alternate and cumulate in a rousing break in dancehall style.