Something in the Air

by Fantomacs


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Some Curators Reviews

From annaxgdm - Spotify Curator


That intro caught me off guard not gonna lie, it's fresh and catches the listeners attention immediately. In a way it's also giving me a bit of anxiety, but as weird as it may sound it adds to the experience, so it doesn't bother me much. I think it's German? right? Sadly I don't speak it. This makes me think of a futuristic fairytale, the voice seems to have a nice flow, the words don't sound forced or anything, everything has it's place and all flows accordingly. It's very well done. It takes you somewhere else and I love when music makes you forget the world around you.


From Alice - Spotify Playlist Curator


The futuristic and fantastic rhythm of 'Something in the Air' flows into my sleeping brain waves and feels like I'm going somewhere in the deep and deep world. I am in a very comfortable and new mood with my whole body floating while looking at the endlessly blue and blue sparkling outer space that I have never seen before. This music is like a calm new third music that touches our souls, so we can feel happy energy in comfort without worry and pain. It was an honor to be able to meet such wonderful music, and I was given a fresh feeling. Thank you.


From Patricio - Spotify Playlist Curator


Great song and arrangement. Excellent mixing and mastering.


 From Nonstopoui - Spotify Playlist Curator


Strange and captivating - composed of a spellbinding beat - we very much appreciate the singularity of this musical work ! Bravo !

The Story


Am 31.12.2020 ist die neue Single 'Something in the Air' auf MX3 (Schweizer Musikportal) und Bandcamp erschienen, in den Online Music Stores wird es noch bis zum 15.1.2021 dauern.


Der neue Song 'Something in the Air' des Berliner Musikers Fantomacs ist sowohl in einer instrumentalen als auch einer poetischen Version erschienen, wobei die wunderschönen Gedicht-Strophen von Heidi Marlen Grau geschrieben und eingesprochen wurden. So treffen die poetische 'Eistänzerin' auf moderne Synthesizer-Sounds des Roland Fantom-6, begleitet von leichten, beschwingten Elektro-Grooves und jazzigen Sopran Saxophon Improvisationen im Stil von Klaus Doldinger.




On Dec 12th, 2020 the new single 'Something in the Air' has been released on MX3 (Swiss music portal) and Bandcamp, the publication on the online music stores will last until Jan 15th, 2021.


The new song 'Something in the Air' by Berlin-based musician Fantomacs has been released in both an instrumental and poetic version, with the beautiful poetry verses written and recorded by Heidi Marlen Grau. So, the poetic 'Ice Dancer' meets mordern synthesizer sound of the Roland Fantom-6, accompanied by light, upbeat electro grooves and jazzy sporano saxophone improvisations in the style of Klaus Doldinger




Something in the Air 'The Ice Dancer' (poetry)
Here you can find the lyrics of 'The Ice Dancer' / 'Die Eistänzerin' (copyright: Heidi Marlen Grau).
Die Eistänzerin.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 9.0 MB