Times Like These

by Fantomacs


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The Story

In collaboration with a couple of talented, young singers from Germany, I'm pleased to announce this release. Please join-in on your favorite streaming platform and don't miss 'Times like these', a brand-new cover version of the rock song composed and performed by the Foo Fighters!


Release Date:   15. September, 2023

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Fantomacs Unveils "Times Like These" Cover Version – A Stunning Collaboration with Young and Talented Artists


Düsseldorf, 19th August 2023 – On September 15th, 2023, visionary producer Fantomacs is set to release a sensational cover version of the iconic song "Times Like These" by the Foo Fighters. Teaming up with a group of exceptionally gifted young singers and a dynamic rapper, this rendition captures the spirit of the original while infusing it with a fresh twist.


The collaborative effort showcases the talents of these rising stars, blending their diverse vocal styles with a modern rap section, elevating the song's emotional resonance. Fantomacs' signature production expertise combines seamlessly with the artists' voices, delivering a captivating experience that pays homage to the original while charting new musical territory. Additionally, the song is enriched by a breathtaking guitar solo, which smoothly transitions into the rising final chorus of the song.


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About Payzin (rapper):

Payzin, a dynamic rapper hailing from Germany, is a force to be reckoned with in the music scene. With a charismatic stage presence and razor-sharp lyrical prowess, Payzin effortlessly navigates between various styles and topics. His verses, infused with authenticity and social commentary, resonate with listeners while his infectious flow keeps audiences hooked. A rising star known for pushing boundaries and carving his unique path in hip-hop.


About Charlotte (singer):

Charlotte, a gifted young singer from Germany, possesses a voice that resonates with emotion and grace. Her versatile vocal range effortlessly navigates melodies, captivating audiences with its sincerity and depth. With a unique ability to infuse any genre with her personal touch, Charlotte's performances exude a timeless charm that showcases her undeniable talent and promising potential in the music industry.


About Fantomacs:

Fantomacs, a visionary producer from Germany, crafts sonic landscapes that transcend genres. Renowned for innovative compositions, Fantomacs blends ambient textures, electronic beats, and jazz influences, creating a distinctive sound that captivates audiences. With a knack for pushing creative boundaries, Fantomacs continues to shape the contemporary music landscape, seamlessly merging diverse elements into captivating auditory experiences.