Unmet Needs

by Fantomacs


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The Story

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Fantomacs is dropping musical magic with their latest project "Unmet Needs"! 🚀 Brace yourselves for a sonic journey filled with mind-bending rhythms, surprising musical twists, and a fusion of sounds from across continents. 🌐🎵 Get ready to be captivated by the artistry that transcends boundaries! 🎩🔊 Don't miss out on this extraordinary musical adventure – your ears will thank you! 🎧✨



Release Date:   16th February, 2024

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Step into a world where beats mirror unspoken desires. Fantomacs' "Unmet Needs" transforms the dance floor into a realm of shared longing, an electric pulse connecting strangers. Amidst pulsating rhythms, find synergy in the unspoken language of movement, meeting souls with parallel yearnings. This track fuels connections on the dance floor, a sonic invitation to explore the uncharted realms of shared desires. Elevate your club experience with "Unmet Needs," where the music is more than a sound; it's a bridge to meaningful connections.


Press release

Title: Fantomacs Releases Enchanting Double Feature: "Unmet Needs" Pt. #1 and Pt. #2


Step into a world where beats mirror unspoken desires. Fantomacs, the visionary electronic music artist, is set to enchant the global audience with the upcoming release of "Unmet Needs," a mesmerizing two-track sonic journey that transcends the boundaries of conventional dance music.


"Unmet Needs" Pt. #1 and Pt. #2 invite listeners to explore the uncharted realms of shared desires, transforming the dance floor into a realm of shared longing. Fantomacs' unparalleled ability to craft sonic landscapes that resonate with the unspoken language of movement is evident in this electrifying release.


Amidst pulsating rhythms, "Unmet Needs" fuels connections on the dance floor, acting as a sonic invitation to delve into the depths of parallel yearnings. The music serves as a bridge that connects strangers, creating a synergistic experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Fantomacs' unique blend of sounds elevates the club experience, turning it into a space where the music becomes more than a sound—it becomes a bridge to meaningful connections.


In Pt. #1, Fantomacs takes listeners on a captivating journey through intricate beats and melodic layers, setting the stage for an immersive experience. Pt. #2 builds upon this foundation, intensifying the connection between the beats and the listener, culminating in a sonic masterpiece that lingers in the hearts and minds of all who partake in its magic.


"Unmet Needs" is not just a collection of tracks; it's a testament to Fantomacs' ability to craft music that transcends boundaries and resonates with the deepest parts of the human experience.


Prepare to embark on a sonic adventure like no other as Fantomacs invites you to step into the world of "Unmet Needs". Whether you're a seasoned electronic music enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, these tracks promise to leave an indelible mark on your musical journey.



Release Date:  February 16th, 2024

Stayed tuned and have some Good Vibes for YOUR Day!



Mark your calendars for January 2024, as "Unmet Needs" takes center stage in the world of music. This single is set to be a defining moment for Fantomacs, showcasing a blend of talent, creativity, and artistry that is bound to make waves in the music industry.


For press inquiries, review copies, or to schedule an interview with Fantomacs, please contact fantomacs@googlemail.com.


"Unmet Needs" will be available on all major streaming platforms and can be pre-ordered here (press button below). Stay tuned for exclusive previews, behind-the-scenes content, and updates on Instagram & Facebook.


Join Fantomacs on this extraordinary journey of sound, as "Unmet Needs" promises to be the soundtrack of the season, captivating music lovers worldwide.


About Fantomacs:

A live musician, skilled keyboardist, producer and creative Fantomacs has a knack for soulful music that explores the sensitive and introspective themes of self-balance and mental stability. Already noticed by international music bloggers/journalists and radio DJs, concerts with his cover band D!kS and collaborations with numerous musicians and artists have earned him a revered reputation as a multi-faceted, forward-thinking talent who is comfortable exploring a range of genres and combining different musical styles.


Fantomacs is available for interviews and other press opportunities, please email fantomacs@googlemailcom.


Visit www.fantomacs.de for more details and updates. Follow Fantomacs on Facebook or Instagram for the latest news and exclusives.