Fantomacs Famous Covers (FFC) Set #2


Fantomacs Famous Covers (Set#2 ) - now available!


Let’s be honest... 


Few of us anticipated the pandemic would STILL be throwing a wrench into our musical pursuits some 18+ months later. Personally, I thought the world would be back to “normal” by now. 


But here we are: Cancelled gigs. More uncertainty. Extra livestreams. 


Even though times have been turbulent, one thing remains; music is incredibly powerful in shaping our world. It brings joy, meaning, and understanding to these times, connecting people instead of keeping them on distance. And that’s why I think it’s more important than ever for us to keep creating and performing music. 


Now ...


In order to support you as a Roland Fantom-Workstation user at best, I now offer this all new and easy to use bundle consisting of 16 GIG-ready SCENES and BACKING TRACKS for the Roland Fantom 06/07/08 workstations featuring essential sounds to play 16 famous cover songs bands perform. 


*** A product for Musicians made by a Musician! ***


These professionally produced and 20-years stage-proven BACKING TRACKS are really fun to play with your bandmates or during Jam-sessions. Just plug the USB-stick into the USB-port on the rear of your Fantom, load the SCENES and BACKING TRACKS - and you`re ready to go and have some fun! It's that easy ...


Note: Shipping only within Europe and to Northern America.


This package contains

- 8 GB branded USB stick (formated and ready-to-use for new Fantom 06/07/08 workstations)

- 16 SCENES including TONES (12) and DRUM SETS (1)

- 16 BACKING TRACKS (high-res WAV-format)

- Beautifully designed Box



NOT COMPATIBLE with Fantom models produced before 2019. Requires Fantom OS 1.6 or above. Compatible with Fantom6, Fantom7, Fantom8 2019.




1. Ain’t no sunshine / Allem Anschein nach bist Du’s (Original: Bill Withers, Version: Stefan Gwildis)

2. All Right now (Free)

3. Let’s make a Baby King (Original: Wynonna Judd, Version: Hanne Boel)

4. China Girl (David Bowie)

5. Corazon Espinado (Santana)

6. Davies on the road again (Manfred Mann’s Earth Band)

7. Feel (Robbie Williams)

8. I’m so excited (Pointer Sisters)

9. If I ain’t got you (Alicia Keys)

10. Jericho (Doobie Brothers)

11. Miss you (Rolling Stones, Version: Etta James)

12. Proud Mary (Ike & Tina Turner)

13. Song for Guy (Elton John)

14. Stranger in my house (Ronnie Milsap)

15. Why did you do it (Stretch)

16. Your Song (Elton John)



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