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Fantomacs Famous Covers (FFC)
Fantom-6 · September 17, 2021
In the meantime, I have accumulated quite an extensive repertoire of cover songs for my cover band D!kS. The new Fantom Workstation now allows the import and export of SCENES ("presets") and BACKING TRACKS ("WAV files"). *** A product for Musicians made by a Musician! *** This all-new bundle consists of 16 GIG-ready SCENES and BACKING TRACKS for the Roland Fantom 06/07/08 workstations featuring essential sounds to play 16 famous cover songs bands perform.

Backing Tracks on Fantom (Roland)
Fantom-6 · Februar 17, 2021
As opposed to other keyboard models, Rolands newest Fantom-series is not designed to play backing tracks directly from a USB-stick or the built-in sequencer. However, the workstation contains a sampler which has quite some capabilities. This article shows how to use the built-in sampler of the Fantom to play backing tracks on stage while playing along LIVE.

Online Music Jam
Behind the Scenes · Januar 30, 2021
Especially during the Corona-crisis it became more and more important for musicians to collaborate via the Internet for making music online. In this article, our experiences are discolsed in setting up the soft- and hardware configuration allowing my bandmates from D!kS (covermusic band) located in Neuss/Germany and me located in Switzerland to meet and interactively make music.