New Album "So Pure"

“The true beauty of music is that it connects people. It carries a message, and we, the musicians, are the messengers.”

 Known for his extra-ordinary mixture of ambient & chillout songs combining jazz, soul and even funky elements, Fantomacs know delivers his third album.


It contains a lovely mix of tracks for the perfect evening - be it at home on the sofa or on the terrasse at the grill or lounge. The melodies flow warmly into the ear without becoming boring. Because the album, with its well thought-out diversity and harmonious vocal collaborations, does not join the endless series of interchangeable chillout and electro samplers that seem to appear every month.


Release Date:  1st July 2022


Enjoy being taken into an entirely new relaxing world of sounds, beats, hooklines and thoughtfully woven effects.


Think of sitting in a roman bath, surrounded by sparkling warm waters, blue skies and tropical plants and flowers - close your eyes and let the beautiful music take you into a completely different world where you can simply forget about all troublesome things out in this world.  


Although most tracks were started to be composed on my awesome Roland music workstation Fantom-6, some tracks or licks were discovered and recorded using my mobile studio consisting of a MacBook Pro (M1), a Nektar Impact LX49+ master keyboard and Logic Pro X or Mainstage right on the go.


You never know when inspiration is catching you - therefore, having mobile equipment with me during a stay outside or in a hotel is key to capture these ideas and moments.


And now, with my brandnew Fantom-O6, the "little brother/sister" of my flagship Fantom-6, it becomes even more convenient to create and perform new music! Due to its ultra light-weight and data compatibility, the Fantom-O6 will be my ultimate companion on the road, on stage and during rehearsals while the flagship Fantom-6 stays in the home studio. A perfect combination, I feel.


"It always seems impossible until it is done."

(Nelson Mandela)



Most of the tracks on this album were finished during my easter vacation in this awesome location in Switzerland at Champex Lac in the Kanton Wallis. This spot offered the calmness and relaxed atmosphere that is sometimes needed to finish a project like this.

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