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New Album 'De Novo' - Poetry & Beats
New Music Releases · January 12, 2023
Known for his extraordinary mix of ambient and chillout songs with jazz, soul and even funk elements, Fantomacs now delivers his already fourth album "De Novo". It contains an interesting mix of instrumental and poetry tracks in German narrated by HMG.
New Album "So Pure"
New Music Releases · May 01, 2022
Known for his extra-ordinary mixture of ambient & chillout songs combining jazz, soul and even funky elements, Fantomacs now delivers his third album "So Pure". It contains a lovely mix of tracks for the perfect evening - be it at home on the sofa or on the terrasse at the grill or lounge.
Backing Tracks on Fantom & Fantom-O (Roland)
Fantom Keyboards · February 17, 2021
As opposed to other keyboard models, Rolands newest Fantom- & Fantom-O-series are not designed to play backing tracks directly from a USB-stick or the built-in sequencer. However, the workstations contain a sampler which has quite some capabilities. This article shows how to use the built-in sampler of the Fantom to play backing tracks on stage while playing along LIVE. Both, Fantom- and the new Fantom-0-series are generally supported, since they are data compatible to each other.