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In the dynamic landscape of music production, the mastering stage plays a pivotal role in giving tracks that polished, professional touch. Traditionally, mastering involved experienced engineers utilizing their technical expertise and subjective judgment. However, with the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, musicians and producers now have access to a new realm of possibilities. AI-powered mastering tools have emerged, offering efficiency, precision, and creative enhancements to the process. This article explores the use of AI tools for music mastering, with a specific focus on sequencers like Logic Pro X. We will delve into the benefits of AI in music mastering and examine a range of AI tools available to producers within Logic Pro X, highlighting their features and potential impact on the creative process.


Last - not least, we will have a closer look into the AI-tools that I'm using for my specific music productions and how this impacts the process and time to get good sounding results. 


The Role of Mastering in Music Production

Mastering is the final stage in the music production process, where tracks are refined and optimized for various playback systems and platforms. It involves a combination of technical adjustments and artistic decisions to ensure the overall balance, tonal clarity, and sonic impact of the final mix. Key aspects of mastering include dynamic range control, equalization, stereo imaging, harmonic balancing, and loudness optimization.


Traditionally, mastering engineers relied on their experience, finely tuned ears, and an array of analog and digital tools to shape the sound. While human expertise remains invaluable, the emergence of AI tools has added a new dimension to the mastering process, offering efficiency, objectivity, and novel creative possibilities.


Benefits of AI in Music Mastering

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AI technology brings several advantages to the music mastering process. One significant benefit is the speed and efficiency with which AI-powered tools can analyze and process audio. Algorithms can swiftly analyze tracks, identify potential issues, and suggest appropriate adjustments. This time-saving aspect is particularly valuable in today's fast-paced music production landscape, where quick turnarounds are often required.


AI also provides an objective perspective on the audio, overcoming the inherent biases and limitations of human perception. Machine learning algorithms are capable of processing vast amounts of data, learning from the characteristics of successful and well-mastered tracks across different genres. This knowledge empowers AI tools to make informed decisions, providing valuable insights and enhancing the quality of the final master.


Furthermore, AI tools offer consistency and repeatability, ensuring that mastering decisions are applied consistently across multiple tracks or projects. This is particularly useful for artists and producers aiming to maintain a cohesive sound throughout their catalog or achieve consistent loudness levels for streaming platforms.


AI Mastering Tools for Logic Pro X

In the meantime, a growing number of AI - or better: machine learning tools is available on the market supporting mastering of music productions. The list is growing fast and here is a non-exhaustive number of some useful examples: 



LANDR is a cloud-based AI mastering platform that seamlessly integrates with Logic Pro X. It utilizes machine learning algorithms to analyze audio and apply appropriate mastering settings automatically. LANDR offers various presets tailored to different genres and styles, ensuring consistent results across tracks. Users can also fine-tune parameters to personalize the sound.


2. iZotope Ozone

Ozone by iZotope is a comprehensive mastering suite that combines AI technology with traditional audio processing techniques. It offers a wide range of modules for dynamic processing, EQ, stereo imaging, harmonic enhancement, and more. Ozone's AI-powered Master Assistant analyzes audio, taking into account the desired intensity and genre-specific characteristics, and provides a starting point for the mastering process.


3. iZotope Nectar 3

Nectar 3 by iZotope is a versatile audio plugin that specializes in the mastering process of vocals. It is designed to help artists, producers, and engineers achieve professional-quality vocal recordings. Nectar 3 offers a wide range of tools and effects, including pitch correction, harmony creation, dynamic processing, EQ, saturation, and reverb, all of which can be used to shape and refine vocal tracks. The plugin provides an intuitive user interface and advanced features that allow users to manipulate and enhance vocals with precision and ease. Nectar 3 is a powerful tool that empowers creators to elevate their vocal productions and create polished, studio-quality results.


4. FabFilter Pro-Q 3

While not explicitly an AI tool, FabFilter Pro-Q 3 is a powerful equalizer plugin that seamlessly integrates with Logic Pro X. It allows precise control over the audio's frequency spectrum, enabling fine-tuning during the mastering process. With its intelligent solo mode and spectrum analyzer, Pro-Q 3 assists in identifying problematic frequencies and making efficient EQ adjustments.


5. Mastering The Mix EXPOSE

EXPOSE is an AI-powered plugin designed for quality control during the mastering stage. It analyzes audio loudness, stereo width, dynamic range, and other parameters, ensuring optimal playback on different systems and streaming platforms. By flagging potential issues, EXPOSE helps achieve professional-level loudness and balance.


6. Sonible Smart:EQ 3

Smart:EQ 3 by Sonible is an AI-driven equalizer plugin that provides intelligent spectral shaping. It detects tonal imbalances and automatically suggests EQ adjustments, saving time and streamlining the mastering process. With its adaptive bands and intuitive interface, Smart:EQ 3 enhances clarity and resolves frequency conflicts.


7. Waves Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain

Developed in collaboration with Abbey Road Studios, this plugin emulates the iconic mastering console used by the studio. While not AI-specific, it provides a classic analog sound combined with modern digital capabilities. The TG Mastering Chain includes modules for EQ, compression, limiting, stereo imaging, and more, offering a comprehensive solution for mastering within Logic Pro X.


My machine-learning tools for mastering

Some time ago, I aquired EXPOSE from the Mastering The Mix and some month later, I updated to EXPOSE2, which is an audio quality control application that helps identify issues with your music production. So many tracks get distributed with a poor EQ balance, true peak clipping, over-compression, phase issues, and more. Mastering the Mix wants to catch these issues before it's too late. With EXPOSE 2, delivery of the best listening experience and release can be done with reasonable confidence.


EXPOSE is a stand-alone app where reference tracks and own music productions can be uploaded and analyzed. This concept is good for some reasons, but can become tedious since the process of analysis, optimization and again analysis affords a lot of back and forth between Logic Pro X (or another sequencer) and EXPOSE.


With the recent aquisition of the Komplete 14 (Native Instruments, Berlin), the iZotope 10 mastering tool containing machine-learning algorithms came into my "LakeView Studio". This is a plug-in that integrates into the output channel containing all mastering tools in a single piece of software. The integration into the sequencer as a plug-in has the significant advantage that the workflow is seemless and fast without the need of changing between apps. Therefore, I completely switched to iZotope 10 in the meantime, while the mastering chain still contains some other tools from Mastering the Mix (e.g. LEVELS and MIXROOM). Moreover, iZotope 10 contains all necessary tools (e.g. EQ, adaptive EQ, compressor, maximizer, limiter, stereo imaging etc.) that are needed for mastering in a single and easy to understand GUI (graphical user interface). Once some educating videos available on iZotope's homepage have been digested, you're ready-to-go!


The process of mastering my own music productions prior assistance of machine-learning tools like iZotope 10 was pretty time consuming:

  1. Mixing
  2. Assembly of the mastering effects chain in Logic Pro X
  3. Adjusting the parameters of the individual mastering tools manually
  4. Hearing the results on several different earphones and speaker systems
  5. Repeat line items 3 & 4 several times

This process took me at least 14 days in total with intervals between adjustments and listening phases to keep the ears "neutral".


Now, since using iZotope 10, this process is shortened tramendously - within 1-2 hours only, the results sound so much better then using the old / tedious and manual process, this is really AMAZING! And the good thing is - all parameters can still be manipulated manually and be adjusted to your personal "taste" so that your sound is remaining your own. Most striking for me is that the mastered files are sounding equally good on all different loud speaker and earphones that I've tested (please refer to the list of studio equipment for details). This benefit can't be rated high enough since it normally differentiates between semi- and professional recordings from each other. 


Additionally, I recently aquired Nectar 3 to mastering my vocal tracks based upon machine-learning algorithms. In practice, it turned out that Nectar 3 is easy to use and manage once you learned how to use iZotope 10 already. The results of the mastered vocal tracks are stunning, the clarity and brightness is noticable even in the final mix, compression and effects are subtle but noticable and every parameter or section can be easily adjusted to the individual taste and preferences. By applying maschine-learning algorithms even the first round of adjustments already provides a significant improvement of the vocal track/s and it's needless to say that Nectar 3 is shortening the mastering process of vocals significantly. Very little to no manual manipulations of the vocals are needed anymore - awesome!



The integration of AI tools within the music mastering process has opened up new avenues of creative exploration and efficiency. Sequencers like Logic Pro X provide a platform for harnessing the power of AI, enabling producers and musicians to achieve professional-quality results with enhanced precision and speed. While AI tools offer valuable insights, time-saving automation, and consistent results, it is important to strike a balance between AI assistance and human creativity. Ultimately, the final judgment and artistic decisions still lie with the musicians and producers. AI tools act as valuable collaborators, augmenting the capabilities of professionals and serving as powerful aids in the pursuit of sonic excellence. As technology continues to advance, the future of music mastering holds exciting possibilities, and the marriage of AI and human creativity is poised to reshape the landscape of music production.


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