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Music Production - From monophonic synthesizers to physical modeling instruments
Fantom Keyboards · November 12, 2023
Music production significantly evolved across the past decades. Many dreams of both, musicians and producers became true in the meantime. This blog is about how the technological revolutions affected my style of working across my life time as musician and producer and how I'm producing nowadays.
Using Machine Learning & AI in Promotion of Indie Musicians
Music Marketing & Promotion · June 17, 2023
AI has become a powerful tool for indie musicians, enabling them to reach wider audiences, personalize their marketing strategies, and enhance their overall promotional efforts. This review article explores the impact of AI in music promotion for indie musicians, with a specific focus on platforms like Fanify that utilize AI tools to revolutionize the way artists connect with fans and build their careers.
Mastering Electronic Music Productions using AI-tools
Behind the Scenes · June 09, 2023
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the landscape of music production, pushing creative boundaries and transforming the industry. With AI algorithms capable of analyzing vast musical datasets, composers and producers can now harness its power to generate unique melodies, harmonies, and rhythms. AI-powered tools can also enhance the post-production process, offering advanced audio editing and mixing capabilities. This article is about how I'm using AI tools in my music productions.